FBD Design Synthesis from NuSCR Formal Specification

     1. FBD Synthesis from NuSCR
            - Mechanical synthesis of FBD programs from NuSCR formal requirements specification
            - Paper: Synthesis Procedure : [RESS'05]
                      Detailed Synthesis Algorithm : [preparing IST submission] 
2. Synthesis Supporting Tool:
            - NuSCRtoFBD 1.0
[download] developed (2008.08.15) by H. Baek (Senior student in Konkuk Univ.)
                - Features:
                    1. Mechanical synthesis of FBDs from NuSCR specifications (.xml)
                - Paper: [KIISE 2008 Fall Conference: pdf, ppt
            - NuSCRtoFBD 4.0 [download] developed (2014.06.25) by Jaeyeob Kim
                - Paper: Jaeyeob Kim, Dong-Ah Lee, Young-Ju Seo, Junbeom Yoo, "NuSCRtoFBD 4.0: Automatic Generation of FBD Program for FPGA development from NuSCR Formal Specification", KCC 2014, pp 1986-1988, 2014. [paper, ppt]